Canada (Immigration)

Canada Immigration

The Canadian Government selects business immigrants based on their ability to become economically established and support the development of the Canadian economy. Business immigrants are people who can invest in or start businesses in Canada.


Prepare business plan for an innovative idea and obtain letter of commitment from the immigration authorities and letter of acceptance from an approved business incubator (we can assist in this process). Submit application together with necessary documents. Pass IELTS with minimum score of 5. Upon approval undergo medical examination and provide biometrics. The total processing time is about 12 – 18 months. The Permanent Residency is valid for 5 years and can be renewed by staying in Canada for minimum of 2 years OR can be converted into Citizenship by staying in Canada for minimum of 3 years.


  • Application can include spouse and children up to 21 years of age.
  • Visa free travel to 172 countries including USA, UK and EU etc.
  • Right to live, work, study anywhere in Canada Dual citizenship allowed.
  • Free education up to school and subsidized education for undergraduate programs in Canadian schools and universities.
  • Free healthcare and social service benefits.
  • No tax on global income.

Combined Expertise

We combine our expertise with Canadian lawyers and ICCRC licensed consultants together with our internal team of experienced immigration consultants and serve as single point of contact.



AREA km2

GDP 1.736 trillion USD

Largest City
Toronto, Ontario