Top 60 Countries Allow Dual Citizenship in 2020

Top 60 Countries Allow Dual Citizenship in 2020

Dual Nationality means that you are citizens of two countries and have simultaneously had equal rights and live, work, travel without any restriction. Keygains Consulting DMCC tells you which countries allow dual citizenship in 2020. Check out below list and advantages of multiple citizenships.

List of Countries That Allow Residency & Dual Citizenship

1. Albania
Albania country is situated in southern Europe, located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula the Strait of Otranto. The total population of this country is 3.2 million and Albania allows residency & dual citizenship.
2. Algeria
Algeria is located in North Africa. The total population of this country is 43.85 million according to the population Algeria is the 33rd most populous country and it is also the 10th largest country in Africa. Algeria also allows dual citizenship program in 2020.
3. Angola
Angola offers dual citizenship for foreigners but a new Nationality law was published on 15 April 2016 the Angolan citizen of origin if a son has father and mother both of them one is Angola citizen then they got dual citizenship.
4. Antigua and Barbuda
Two Islands, One heart Antigua and Barbuda is a dual island nation in the West Indies it is also part of the Leeward Islands and consists of two inhabited main islands. Antigua and Barbuda also dual citizen and residency program to live work and do business in Antigua and Barbuda.
5. Argentina
Argentina is located in South America, the world’s eighth-largest country and the current population of Argentina is 44.49 million. You can get your dual residency & citizenship program and live freely in Argentina.
6. Armenia
In Armenia, every person has a right to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Armenia in the manner according to Law.
7. Australia
Australia is the smallest continent and it is located between the Pacific and Indian oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. The current population of this country is 25.44 million. The Australian government allows that it is possible to hold citizenship for two or more than two countries.
8. Barbados
Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an Independent British commonwealth nation. Barbados allows living overseas to in-country.
9. Bangladesh
Bangladesh offers dual citizenship but under limited circumstances. Citizens of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe may apply for a Dual Citizenship program.
10. Belgium
Belgium is one of Europe’s foremost financial and political centers and is one of the most flexible countries in Europe to acquire dual citizenship.

11. Belize
Belize is located in Central America along with the Caribbean Sea b/w Mexico. Applying for the Citizenship program is easy you get dual citizenship in a living period of 5 years.
12. Bolivia
Bolivia is a country in Central America it gives full ease to get dual citizenship in bolivia where you can live for a minimum three continuous uninterrupted years.
13. Brazil
Brazil is one of the countries that allows to people have dual citizenship without any restrictions it also offers excellent visa-free travel to their citizens so you can easily apply to get dual residency and citizenship in Brazil.
14. Canada
Canada is a country in the northern part of North America and one of the world’s second-largest countries here you get dual citizenship to live at least for 5 years.
15. Chile
Dual and multiple citizenships is allowed according to Chilean law. There are two paths to obtain chile citizenship, one as a foreigner who lives in chile for 5 years second is your parents or grandparents is chilies citizenship.
16. Costa Rica
If you interested to work and live in Costa Rica then constrict gives dual citizenship to the foreigner. Once you receive naturalization from Costa Rica you can enjoy the same rights and benefits that will provide locals.
17. Croatia
Croatia offers a dual citizenship program but the law is that one of your parents is already a citizen of Croatia country you can easily get citizenship of Croatia.
18. Cyprus
Cyprus is a member of the European Union. The benefit of dual citizenship of this country is if you are a citizen of Cyprus this means that you are also citizens of the EU, and you easily travel in any state of EU.
19. Czech Republic
After 2013 the Czech Republic allows the dual citizenship program this means you can get a dual citizenship passport and easily live, work and study in any of the 28 Eu member countries with no restrictions.
20. Denmark
With the new rules of Danish Citizenship program if you are the residence of Danish country and you apply for a dual citizenship program for Australia or New Zealand you can easily apply and also how your Danish nationality.

21. Egypt
Egypt also offers a dual citizen program. if you are a resident of Egyptian country and can apply for a second passport you can do it but first you must notify the Egyptian authorities. Egyptian dual nationals are absolved from military service and illegal from enrolling in military and police academies. The sounds was good.
22. Finland
After 2003, Finland citizens can also hold dual citizenship it means it can get 2nd passport without losing his Finnish citizenship.
23. France
French citizens are designate to hold multiple citizenships. If you want Dual citizenship of France then an application can obtain and may be presented after 5 years of permanent residency in France you can get dual citizenship.
24. Germany
A dual citizenship passport is allowed within the borders of the Europena Union. According to the serve report, most people can apply for dual nationality for Germany.
25. Greece
Greece citizenship may be collected by descent or through naturalization. Greek law also permits dual citizenship. A Greek national is a citizen of the European Union, and therefore they have the same rights as other EU citizens.
26. Hungary
Hungary does allow its citizens to maintain multiple citizenships. It means Hungry citizens can also apply for dual citizenship.
27. Iceland
After 1 July 2003, there is no restrictions to hold dual citizenship for Iceland country peoples they apply for dual citizenship program and get residency and citizenship to any EU country.
28. Ireland
Ireland does allow dual citizenship program.
29. Israel
Isreal Allows its citizens to hold multiple citizenship and other countries are apply to get dual nationality of isreal country and enter to isreal without visa stay in isreal, engage to any profession and do business setup corporate service freely.
30. Italy
According to serve Italian citizens can apply for citizenship of another country it means they also holding dual nationality without any restrictions.

Residency In Italy
31. Jamaica
According to Key Gains Consulting DMCC the country recognizes dual residency and citizenship.
32. Kosovo
Kosovo is an independent state it means it allows dual citizenship.
33. Latvia
Recently Latvia allows its citizens to get dual citizenship and hold two passports. it is a great opportunity for those who can do business setup corporate service, and becoming Latvian citizens.
34. Luxembourg
According to 2009 law any citizen of Luxembourg is allowed to hold multiple citizenship.
35. Malawi
On 6 December 2018 the Malawi government amendments in law that the citizen of Malawi can get multiple citizenships. This means that Malawi will be able to retain their Malawi citizenship if they become citizens of another country.
36. Malta
Malta allows anyone to become Maltese within one year without any abandon their existing citizenship.
37. Mexico
Birth of Mexican can get multiple citizenships but it will always consider Mexican by the Mexican Government.
38. New Zealand
New Zealand citizens are allowed to have dual or multiple citizenships
39. Nigeria
Nigeria permits dual citizenship. According to its minister they announced the multiple citizenships to their country holder and foreigner.
4o. Norway
Norway is allowing dual citizenship from January 2020. It means Foreigners can
apply for dual or multiple citizenship programs.

41. Pakistan
According to the Government of Pakistan the allow dual citizenship. It means dual citizens can right of they have certain voting rights, serving in the military, or holding any number of public offices or even civil servant jobs.
42. Panama
The Panama Government will require you to take an oath that includes renunciation of your previous citizenship.
43. Peru
Peru allows multiple citizenships but allowed their citizen in other Latin countries Like Spain who become naturalized citizens to maintain the previous nationality.
44. Philippines
Get Citizenship for foreigners is impossible but although residency is easy, but the Philippines who get second citizenship usually don’t lose their Filipino passport.
45. Portugal
Portugal also offers a dual citizenship program through its residency by investment program also known as the Portugal Golden Visa it means to know you are the permanent residence of Portugal country.
46. Romania
Romania is a member of the Europena Union it means are you get dual nationality of Romania you can easily travel in all European Union countries. Romania permits dual citizenship program.
47. Serbia
Serbia is located in Southeast Europe, the total population of this country is 6.98 million. Serbia offers the dual citizenship program and allows the Serbians to maintain other nationalities also.
48. Slovenia
If you are Solvenia residence and you can have Slovenia citizenship and status is registered you can easily travel in 28 EU countries there is no restriction you can easily travel live and work freely in Solvenia.
49. South Africa
South African residence wish to get dual nationality so they first inform its government if they do not do that they lose its South African Nationality. South Africans also allowed dual citizenship program.
50. South Korea
South Korea while a great country, the population of this country is 51.27 million and 28th largest country in the world. After 2011 a new law amendment in south Korea those who became dual nationals at birth to retain dual passports they declared to remain south Korean by the age of 22.


51. Spain
Spain permits dual citizenship under limited circumstances. Spain allows dual citizenship but Spanish nationals to inform the government within 3 years of the time period.
53. Sweden
After 2011 Sweden allows dual citizenship it means that you are a citizen in more than one country, and foreigners can apply for Sweden citizenship.
54. Switzerland
According to the serve the 65 percent population with a second passport acquired Swiss nationality by naturalization, while 35 percent obtained it at birth.
55. Syria
Syria allows dual citizenship but its birth if a baby born a Syria if his father is Syrian then have a get Syrian citizenship and can apply for dual nationality.
56. Turkey
Turkey allows multiple citizenships but a load of Turkish documentation, also you can apply for dual citizenship in advance with the authorities in your home.
57. United Kingdom
British Act of 1948, the UK does not restrict its citizens from having multiple citizenships. You can apply for British dual citizenship and keep your country citizenship.
58. Uruguay
Uruguay offers dual citizenship to foreigners and country peoples get dual nationality.
59. United States
The United States allows dual citizenship you may be required to declare other alliances and apply for EB-5 Investor Visa. It means the US government allows the permanent residency or Green Card issued under the EB-5 Visa.
60. Vanuatu
Vanuatu is a South Pacific island chain on volcanic lands. The place is pretty small and sits north of the halfway. the allows dual citizenship program for forigners can apply and live in Vanuatu.